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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - Silent Auction

There will be no silent Auction for this year's sale.
These are the 2009 sale's silent auction posters and bids.

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2009 Auction Posters

Click on each poster for a large image (you may have to click on the image again for the full-size view):

Silent Auction: A Tradition of Excellence: Canada’s Airshow Team Heritage

Final Bid: $55

Silent Auction: The Improved Peerless Parallel Bible

Final Bid: $200

Silent Auction: Beautiful Britain Collection

Final Bid: $120

Silent Auction: Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Final Bid: $90

Silent Auction: Tommy Douglas (with autograph)

Final Bid: $260

Silent Auction: The Saskatoon Celebrity Golf Match (with Wayne Gretzky autograph)

Final Bid: $30

Silent Auction: Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives

Final Bid: $140

Silent Auction: The Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature

Final Bid: $230

Title Listing

  1. A Tradition of Excellence: Canada’s Airshow Team Heritage, Daniel V. Dempsey, 2002
  2. The Improved Peerless Parallel Bible, 1885
  3. Beautiful Britain collection (10 volumes), 190?
  4. Bleak House, Charles Dickens, 1866
  5. Tommy Douglas with autograph, Doris French Shackleton, 1975
  6. The Saskatoon Celebrity Golf Match program with Wayne Gretzky autograph, 1985
  7. Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives, Omer Lavallée, 1985
  8. The Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature set (12 volumes), 1967

See you at the sale!

How the Auction Works

The silent auction rules are as follows:

  • Bidding opens when the sale opens. (If there is a Symphony concert shortly before the sale, advance bids may be taken at the concert.)
  • Bidding closes at 1 pm on the last day of the sale.
  • Bids can only be entered when the sale is open, at the Silent Auction table at the sale location. On-line bidding is not available.
  • To bid, print your name, phone number and bid on the form for the desired item on the Silent Auction table.
  • Bids must be in whole dollar amounts (no cents), and each new bid must be at least $2 above the previous bid.
  • All bids will be subject to verification by phone during the sale.
  • If the bidder with the highest final bid cannot purchase the item for any reason, it is offered to the bidder with the next highest bid.
  • If there is any dispute about the winning or other bids for an item after the Silent Auction closes, all bidders for that item will be contacted and allowed to make a final bid.
  • If there is a last minute bidding war for an item just before the silent auction closes, then each customer involved will be asked to write down one final bid.
  • Up to eight items will be auctioned at each sale. These will be collectible books and/or audio items selected from our donated stock.
  • The Silent Auctions items are not available for viewing during the sale, to protect them from damage or theft. Posters are provided with photos and detailed descriptions of content and condition.
  • This web page will be updated with the current high bids periodically during the sale.
  • The Silent Auction items are selected approximately 3 to 4 weeks before each sale. Item descriptions will appear on this website shortly thereafter.