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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - Silent Auction 2006

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Silent Auction Posters

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Silent Auction: Holy Bible

Final Bid: $225

Silent Auction: Howe / Béliveau

Final Bid: $100

Silent Auction: Norse Kings

Final Bid: $42

Silent Auction: Norwegian Folk Tales

Final Bid: $65

Silent Auction: Renaissance Painting

Final Bid: $55

Silent Auction: Book of the Poets

Final Bid: $150

Silent Auction: Ballads of Scotland

Final Bid: $120

Silent Auction: Tommy Douglas

Final Bid: $25

Title Listing

  1. The Holy Bible with a Devotional and Practical Commentary, commentaries by Rev. R. Jamieson & Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, circa 1880
  2. Hockey book set: and... Howe! An Authorized Biography, Gordie & Colleen Howe, with Tom DeLisle, 1995 and Jean Béliveau: My Life in Hockey, Jean Béliveau, with Chrys Goyens & Allan Turowetz, 1994
  3. From the Sagas of the Norse Kings, Snorri Sturluson, 1967
  4. Norwegian Folk Tales, Peter Christen Asbjornsen & Jorgen Moe, 1960
  5. Renaissance Painting in Manuscripts: Treasures from the British Library, Thomas Kren, editor, 1983
  6. Book of the Poets: Chaucer to Beattie, editor unknown, 1842
  7. The Ballads of Scotland, William Edmondstoune Aytoun, editor, 1861, third edition revised and augmented
  8. A Tribute to Tommy Douglas, Unknown, circa 1971 (LP with booklets & photos)