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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - Silent Auction FAQs

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NOTE: The silent auction is not currently being held.

How do I bid?

See the Silent Auction page.

Why aren't the silent auction items displayed?

Posters are used instead of displaying the items to avoid theft and handling damage. As well as representative photographs of the item, the posters provide detailed information on the item's contents and physical condition.

Can I see the auction items before the sale?

The silent auction posters can be previewed on the Silent Auction page, usually 3 to 4 weeks before the sale starts.

Can I see the actual silent auction items?

No. The silent auction items are stored off site and are not available until after the auction closes.

Why are there only eight silent auction items?

This quantity approximately matches the number of high quality items available for each sale. The posters and bidding sheets nicely fit on a single display table at the sale. There is limited time before the sale to select, evaluate, describe, photograph and create posters for the items. Eight items seems a good fit.

Can I bid on-line for silent auction items?

No. The reasons that on-line bidding is not offered:

  • We would like customers to attend the sale in person, in the hope that they will buy stuff.
  • We don't want to deal with remote purchases with the accompanying efforts and costs of long-distance phoning, shipping and payments.
  • It would be difficult to synchronize the on-line bids with the bids made in person at the sale.

Where do you get the silent auction items?

All silent auction items come from donations to the sale. Year-round volunteers place potentially valuable items in a special area in the work room. A few weeks before each sale starts, knowledgable volunteers go through these items and select the most valuable for the silent auction.

How are bidding disputes handled?

See the Silent Auction page.

What are the silent auction trends and statistics?

See the Silent Auction trends page.

What were the items in previous silent auctions?

See the Silent Auction history page.

What does the jargon on the posters mean?

The terms booksellers use to describe book condition and contents can seem like a whole other language sometimes. Here are some glossaries to help you decipher the jargon:

How are the silent auction posters created?

A volunteer (also this site's webmaster)photographs the items with a digital camera and scanner and creates the posters using Adobe Photoshop. The descriptions are written by volunteers who have expert knowledge about books and bookselling. The posters are printed on 11" x 17" paper with an inkjet printer and laminated.