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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1989 (Year 1)

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Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre (1st year)


Day Date Open Close
Friday April 21 Noon 9 pm
Saturday April 22 9 am 5 pm


For a number of years, the Womenís Press Club held a half-day Media Club Book Sale, located in an outdoor courtyard at the Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre. Eventually, they wanted to halt the project.

Janice S was Chair of the Education Committee for the Saskatoon Symphony Society and she thought the book sale would be a good fundraiser for the Symphony and could be extended to include music, making it appropriate to the interests of the Symphony board. So it began.

Janice capitalized on the previous organizationís time of year and locale, but the sale needed an indoor space. The first space was in a former laundromat, so there were exposed pipes and wires to contend with plus the fact that it was very small.

Wonderful donations came in. Janice brought a table from her own store to work on. Extra tables were found for the two days of the sale. In an alley discard pile, Janice found four waterbed frames and she speculated they could be put up as shelves, so Garry S installed shelving for books.

A call for volunteers from the Symphony Board produced Betty T and Freda F, then President of the Symphony volunteers. Janice made contacts with various book outlets and publishing houses in the city, as well as the Star Phoenix, for contributions.

The sale was called the Symphony Fantastic Music and Book Sale.

There was a lineup of more than 20 people before opening time. One of the funniest sights during the sale was when Brian S, treasurer for the Saskatoon Symphony Society, needed to make up a bank deposit. The only place available was the washroom, where there was barely room to open the bank book!


Space $150.00
Tables x 16 $125.56
Shelving $80.00
Lumber for shelves $35.80
Advertising $67.91
Posters/flyers $128.23
Signs $53.50
Stationery $22.15
TOTAL $663.15


Sales $5664.96
Cash $140.94
Expenses -$663.15
NET $5142.75