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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1990 (Year 2)

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Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre (2nd year)


Day Date Open Close
Friday April 20 Noon 9 pm
Saturday April 21 9 am 5 pm
Monday April 23 9 am 5 pm


The new space at Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre was twice as big as the previous year’s. Liberty P, President of the Saskatoon Symphony Society, designed and built six units of adjustable shelving.

With carry-over stock and incoming donations, table and shelf space was in short supply. Saw horses and planks were setup, along with whatever could be borrowed. The former shop space’s dressing rooms were even used for storage.

In the spring after the sale, the space was rented. Everything was moved to John Lake School, where a storage room was shared with the University Women’s Book Sale. Betty T found a few small trucks and a van for the move (including the waterbed frame cum book shelves).

In late summer, both organizations had to move again. The University Women’s group went to another school, and the Symphony sale belongings were moved to a vacant store across from Wildwood Mall, where CJ’s Pet & Pond had an unexpired lease. Betty T once again found the space, a few half-ton trucks and van, and away they went.

For the first time, early donations were received, so these were added to the storage area as well.

In February of 1990, the space’s renter had to move everything out. Where to go? Fortunately, Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre took in the sale a month earlier than they had originally offered, 7 or 8 weeks before the spring sale. Back to the trucks – with shovels this time, since this was after a large snow storm and near blizzard conditions.