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Your Symphony - Your Sale

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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1991 (Year 3)

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Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre (3rd year)


Day Date Open Close
Friday April 19 Noon 9 pm
Saturday April 20 9 am 5 pm
Sunday April 21 Closed Closed
Monday April 22 9 am 5 pm
Tuesday (extension) April 23 9 am 5 pm
Wednesday (extension) April 24 9 am 5 pm


Notes on Broadway Broadway Avenue
Metropolitan Trust Downtown
Keyboard World Circle Drive


Liberty P built five more shelving units. The sale was still lugging around the huge, unwieldy, inefficient and ugly waterbed frame shelves! Betty T was able to borrow some extra tables from Grosvenor Park United Church.

A new sale space was used at Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre. Four people from Crocus Co-op were hired to help with the move. After moving in, boxes were everywhere and donations poured in, so volunteers had to rapidly convert storage to sale space, which meant moving every box at least once. A dolly was purchased for moving boxes. Well over 60 volunteers worked for the sale.

The first dayís income was almost double the previous yearís. The sale was extended an extra two days beyond what had been advertised in order to reduce the stock, which was about twice that of the previous year.

After the sale, the sale had to move again for storage, this time to a former beauty shop at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

In late May of 1991, Betty Tís house was broken into, her car keys stolen, and then her car stolen and thoroughly vandalized to the tune of $7000 in damages. Two boxes of donated music were in the trunk of her car, so an insurance claim for $500 (minus deductible) was applied for to cover the loss of the donations.

The new posters for the sale included a sketch of Janice Sís brother, who had a book store in Regina.


Pricing & setup $828.00
Advertising $284.85
Shelving $258.03
Posters & bookmarks $173.28
Mailings & flyers $116.90
Table rental $64.09
Supplies $112.68
TOTAL $1837.83


Sales $8816.81
Donation $865.00
Interest $16.06
Expenses -$1837.83
Expenses 1990 -$59.00
NET $7792.04