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Your Symphony - Your Sale

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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1992 (Year 4)

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Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre (4th year)


Day Date Open Close
Thursday April 30 Noon 9 pm
Friday May 1 Noon 9 pm
Saturday May 2 10 am 6 pm
Sunday May 3 Closed Closed
Monday May 4 Noon 9 pm
Tuesday May 5 Noon 9 pm
Wednesday May 6 Noon 9 pm
Thursday May 7 Noon 9 pm
Sidewalk Sale June 18-20 Mall hours Mall hours


Notes on Broadway Broadway Avenue
Metropolitan Trust Downtown
Keyboard World Circle Drive
Pinder's Drugs Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre


The sale moved to a new storage/work space without mishap. However, as soon as cold weather arrived, the volunteers were freezing in the unheated space, making it difficult to pick up and price books with mittens on! The volunteers made frequent trips to the nearby Grainfields restaurant to warm up with a hot cup of coffee. After about a month of discomfort, maintenance personnel found the problem in the equipment on the roof.

Betty & Stuart S and Betty T spent an exhausting five hours at the Tramps store in Westgate Mall packing up paperback books and book shelves that were donated to the sale. They packed the books into about 200 yellow bags, stuffed to the limit, filling a station-wagon and two cars. Betty T found some helpers and a large truck to transport three huge and heavy record shelving units that were purchased from Tramps.

A separate sale space didn’t materialize, so the storage/work space had to be quickly converted to sale space. The sale space included the memorable “gold room”, which had shiny gold foil walls and housed the business and professional book sections.

The stock had doubled again, including an estimated 7000 records. About 70 volunteers worked an estimated 2600 hours to hold the sale. The first silent auction was held.

Textbooks that were not expected to sell well were given to Professor Foty, who sent them to Kiev University in the Ukraine.

For the first time, a sidewalk sale was held in front of the storage/work space, as part of the Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre’s sidewalk sale. Paperbacks were a “buck-a-bag”. The winds blew, and the balloons and dust flew, and fun was had by all!


Shelving & fixtures $141.13
Posters & bookmarks $120.14
Distribution & mailing $165.91
Advertising $54.65
Moving $41.39
Supplies $209.59
TOTAL $732.81


Sales $12598.63
Insurance claim $250.00
Expenses -$732.81
Moving 1991 -$66.24
NET $12049.58