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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1993 (Year 5)

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Wildwood Mall (1st year)


Day Date Open Close
Thursday April 29 10 am 9 pm
Friday April 30 10 am 9 pm
Saturday May 1 9:30 am 6 pm
Sunday May 2 Closed Closed
Monday May 3 10 am 6 pm
Tuesday May 4 10 am 6 pm
Wednesday May 5 10 am 9 pm
Thursday May 6 10 am 9 pm
Friday May 7 10 am 9 pm
Saturday May 8 9:30 am 6 pm
Sidewalk Sale July 7-10 Mall hours Mall hours


Notes on Broadway Broadway Avenue
Keyboard World Circle Drive
Goody's Cleaners Primrose Drive / 51st Street East
Affiliated General Insurance Westgate Mall


In the fall of 1992 the sale had to be moved again! The Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre provided storage in a basement area that had been a bowling alley four or five years previously, and had been vacant ever since. It was down 20 steps 16 steps down, 90 degree turn, and four more steps down.

Some of the area was tiled, the rest was cement. So Betty T ran around getting wooden flats to keep the boxes off the floor. The place was filthy but there were no birds or mice.

The work room was a tiny, tiny room. It was cozy. As boxes were priced, they had to be toted to the storage area.

In March 1993, the Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre would no longer provide space for the sale or storage. Space was found at Wildwood Mall in a west hallway.

There were six shop areas available for use by the sale. One of these shops became a work room. Everything had to come back up the 20 steps at the bowling alley and trucked to Wildwood Mall. The shelving was distributed into the other five rooms, then the cartons of priced stock went to the appropriate room: records, music & classic literature, children & hobby, fiction, and non-fiction. These five rooms were converted into sale spaces.

An estimated 2500 records were sold (including about 400 at the sidewalk sale) from a stock of about 6000 records, leaving a carry-over of 3500 records for the next sale.


Equipment rental $339.20
Posters & bookmarks $208.74
Distribution & mailing $325.30
Moving $452.28
Supplies $236.13
TOTAL $1561.65


Sales $18090.65
Sidewalk sale $373.50
Interest $8.95
Expenses -$1561.65
Advertising 1992 -$54.65
NET $16966.40