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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1994 (Year 6)

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Wildwood Mall (2nd year)


Day Date Open Close
Thursday April 28 10 am 9 pm
Friday April 29 10 am 9 pm
Saturday April 30 9:30 am 6 pm
Sunday May 1 Closed Closed
Monday May 2 Closed Closed
Tuesday May 3 10 am 6 pm
Wednesday May 4 10 am 9 pm
Thursday May 5 10 am 9 pm
Friday May 6 10 am 9 pm
Saturday May 7 9:30 am 6 pm


Drop-off list not available.


Just an internal move within Wildwood Mall this time. One of the smaller sale rooms is now the work space and the mall offered storage in an unfinished area. The only access to this storage room was from outside, so each priced carton had to be trundled through the snow and into the storage space, which had only a night light. Everything has its allotted space and it had to be literally shoehorned in, measured within inches.

It was very fortunate that Wildwood Mall was able to provide a good sized sale space. Not any larger than needed, but adequate. It was right next to the storage space, so we could keep bringing in back-up cartons quite easily to replenish the sale stock.

This year’s sale started with 2200 to 2400 cartons of books and music. About 1800 of 5300 records were sold, with another 1000 being deleted due to poor condition, leaving a carry-over of about 2500 records for the next sale. About 1800 records were donated over the year leading up to the sale.

“Beat Beethoven” leaflets were given away to estimate a count of paying customers. The first two days of the sale saw approximately 600 paying customers.

The auction table continues to bring in 2 or 3 times the revenue over what would have been earned if the articles were sold with the regular stock.

Betty T’s friend from New Zealand, Joy K, came for a visit “to help”. And work she did at all facets and she endeared herself to everyone.