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Your Symphony - Your Sale

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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1996 (Year 8)

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Lawson Heights Mall (1st and only year)


Day Date Open Close
Thursday March 7 10 am 9 pm
Friday March 8 10 am 9 pm
Saturday March 9 9:30 am 6 pm
Sunday March 10 Noon 5 pm
Monday March 11 Closed Closed
Tuesday March 12 10 am 6 pm
Wednesday March 13 10 am 9 pm
Thursday March 14 10 am 9 pm
Friday March 15 10 am 9 pm
Saturday March 16 9:30 am 6 pm


Notes on Broadway Broadway Avenue
Keyboard World Circle Drive
Klombies Galon Insurance Brokers 3rd Avenue North
J&S Picture Framing Jessop Avenue
Mount Royal Drugs 29th Street & Avenue P North
Canada Post 4th Avenue North
Centennial Plumbing 51st Street
Hub City Sports 8th Street East
Saskatoon Symphony Office Bessborough Hotel


Where oh where to have the spring 1996 sale? After a bit of a hunt, The Mall at Lawson Heights offered us a vacant sale space.

There were four days to accomplish the move in and set-up. The sale dates had to be moved forward to our earliest ever, but it worked well – for volunteers and customers too.

After the sale, everything once again had to be moved back to the work and storage space at 50th & Faithful. In November 1996, everything had to be squashed as the property owner was going to rent half the space. They did add another small area for the sale to use next door. On December 1, the sale was asked to move by the end of December because the entire space had been rented.

So back to Wildwood Mall, now called The Centre at Circle & 8th. Try moving in the middle of winter when people are busy preparing for Christmas! Fortunately, the moved was able to be delayed until January 4 and hit the one break in the winter weather.

The mall allotted three store fronts, one of which could be used right away, plus lots of storage in a totally filthy vacant area. Well, not really vacant – it was full of junk and mall Christmas decorations and any and all other abandoned accoutrements. Pipes and wires all over the place – it was downright scary.

More shelves were needed, so some lumber was purchased, moved to the mall and a volunteer found to build the shelves. The purchased lumber was supplemented with some good used plywood sheets. The shelving units were expanded from 15 to 26, including good shelving for children’s and music sections.

The new work room had only been used for a week when a move had to be made to the room next door, reducing the planned three rooms to two. However, the mall found another little space that we could use as an office during the sale.

The mall provided about 5000 square feet of space, of which around 1000 square feet was used for working, storage, washrooms, etc. Ten tables were borrowed from the university, which were used as feature displays. Pacific Warehouse lent additional shelving and AJM Campbell donated moving services to and from the sale site. Additional help was provided by Crocus Co-op.

The record store used close to 20% of the sale’s floor space. Of total revenue, 76.8% was from books, 18.4% records, and 4.8% printed music. Approximately 57 cartons of books were donated to literacy programs following the sale, and 25 to 30 cartons were recycled after the sale.

1100 records were donated from CJWW, 1400 records were contributed by way of a fund-raiser sale at the YWCA, and there were 4900 other records in stock. There were also approximately 5000 45 rpm records from CJWW and carry-over. About 70 CDs and 200 cassette tapes were sold. For the first time, alphabetizing by author was tried for many fiction sections.


Advertising & promotion $269.46
Moving $462.00
Insurance $94.00
Miscellaneous $36.70
Supplies $374.32
Printing $682.87
Telephone $450.33
TOTAL $2369.68


Sales & interest $25263.70
Expenses -$2369.68
NET $22894.02

Revenue increase of 31.6% over previous year.