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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 1997 (Year 9)

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The Centre at Circle & 8th, formerly Wildwood Mall (returning for 4th year)


Day Date Open Close
Wednesday March 12 10 am 9 pm
Thursday March 13 10 am 9 pm
Friday March 14 10 am 9 pm
Saturday March 15 9:30 am 6 pm
Sunday March 16 Noon 5 pm
Monday March 17 Closed Closed
Tuesday March 18 10 am 6 pm
Wednesday March 19 10 am 9 pm
Thursday March 20 10 am 9 pm
Friday March 21 10 am 9 pm
Saturday March 22 9:30 am 6 pm


Klombies Galon Insurance Brokers 3rd Avenue North
J&S Picture Framing Jessop Avenue
Mount Royal Drugs 29th Street & Avenue P North
Canada Post 4th Avenue North
Centennial Plumbing 51st Street
Willey's Jewellers Broadway Avenue
Darren's Music Place Circle Drive
Bookworm's Den Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre
Humboldt Pharmacy Humboldt


Let’s recap, shall we? After the spring 1995 sale at Lawson Heights, the sale moved back into the storage/work site on 50th & Faithful. In November 1996 there was a partial move within that facility. But the sale had to move out by the end of December 1996. The problem wasn’t solved until December 18, 1996, when The Centre at Circle & 8th was approached. They offered storage until after the sale, plus three store fronts for the sale, one of which would be used for a workroom.

The sale was moved to The Centre on January 4, 1997, got established and started working. Ten days later, the sale’s working area had to be moved into a different room, now reducing sale space to two store fronts. This meant that the workroom had to be shut down in order to convert it into one of the sale rooms.

The Centre provided another very small area to use as an office. Then the storage area suddenly had to be shared with a huge influx of furnishings from the Texas T restaurant/nightclub, making all work in that area very difficult and downright hazardous as well. The Centre was very accommodating in allowing over a month to pack up after the sale and find another new home. Through all the moves, The Centre staff was always co-operative and helpful.

This was the boutique-style sale. The cash/packing area was in the middle of the hall – right in front of the “Huggie Bear” video game room which was excessively noisy. The sale also took part in the mall’s sidewalk sale. Not a lot of money was made, but good times were had and a lot of stock moved. It was estimated that over 35000 books and over 9000 records were in stock for this sale.

The books in the children’s area often are fairly scrambled up and one little girl decided to help out by tidying up. She was very proud of herself. Unfortunately, she faced all of the spines of the books to the back of the shelf so no titles were visible. Good chuckle after she’d been thanked for helping out.

About 4000 hours of volunteer work were estimated to be applied to this sale. Of total revenue, 71.5% were from books, 21.3% recorded music, 7.1% sheet music.

After a stressful month of searching, Confederation Mall offered storage and work space. The sale moved once again. Because it was a “raw” space, lighting had to be purchased and installed with sale funds.


Advertising $1895.42
Moving $1370.63
Shelving $774.44
Telephone $625.85
Insurance $206.00
Miscellaneous $529.13
TOTAL $5401.47


Sales & interest $36847.74
Expenses -$5401.47
NET $31446.27

Revenue increase of 46.8% over previous year.