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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - History 2003 (Year 15)

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Confederation Mall (6th year)


Day Date Open Close
Thursday March 27 10 am 9 pm
Friday March 28 10 am 9 pm
Saturday March 29 9:30 am 6 pm
Sunday March 30 Noon 5 pm
Monday March 31 10 am 6 pm
Tuesday April 1 10 am 6 pm
Wednesday April 2 10 am 9 pm
Thursday April 3 10 am 9 pm
Friday April 4 10 am 9 pm
Saturday April 5 9:30 am 6 pm


Drop-off list not available.


Sales were down for the first four days, probably due to the popular Gardenscape happening at that time. Sales were beginning to recover when Saskatoon was hit by a blizzard on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Throughout the year 53 volunteers collected, sorted, priced and packed donated materials. Another 114 volunteers helped out during the sale, covering 234 shifts and putting in a total of 981 hours. The volunteer effort over the year totaled to about 3800 hours.

For the first time the silent auction was done entirely eBay style, with photographs and descriptions of the items. The symphony web master put the posters on the web site but all bidding was done at the sale. With 10 items in the Auction, we realised $616, almost as much as with 14 items in previous years. No one asked to see the actual auction items, all of which were kept in a safe place until the last day of the sale.

A planning committee was formed of board members, volunteers and the general manager to look at long range planning for the sale, with a view to ensuring this project continues to be a successful fund raiser for the Saskatoon Symphony.

Members of the Regina Symphony Board approached the management committee for help with their book sale. They came to Saskatoon to see the work and sale space and to learn how the sale is managed. According to reports, they had a successful sale and hope to continue with the project. They were requested to not hold their sale at the same time as the Saskatoon sale.

The dates for the 2004 sale were set for March 18-27, fitting in between the end of the Nokia Brier on March 14 and the start of Gardenscape on March 25, and before Easter week in April.


Not available.


Sales $61538.95
Silent Auction $616.00
Interest $0.37
Bank "service charges" -$76.09
Expenses N/A
NET $62079.23 -expenses