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Saskatoon Symphony Book & Music Sale - Website

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Quick Guide

Our web site consists of the following sections, selected with the menu buttons at the upper left of each page (or the Alt keyboard shortcuts noted):

  • Home Page (Alt0) Where it all starts!
  • Sale (Alt1) provides information about the next or current sale, including times, location, and details on the silent auction.
  • Donate! (Alt2) provides information about donating books, music and videos to the sale.
  • Stock (Alt3) summarizes the categories of books, music and videos that are stocked for the sale.
  • FAQs (Alt4) provides answers to frequently asked questions about the sale.
  • History (Alt5) provides historical information about the sale, including stories, photos, news clippings, news releases, advertisements, posters, flyers, bookmarks, silent auctions and trends.
  • Contact (Alt6) provides contact information for the sale and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, directions to the sale location, as well as information on volunteering.
  • Website (Alt7) provides a site map and some information about this website. See below!

Site Map

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  • Top level menu selections
  • This menu is always shown on the left side of each page
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    • These submenus pop up when selecting an applicable top level menu item
      • Page level selections
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Site Map

About this Website

This website was designed to be:

  • Usable:
    • Easy to navigate, with every page having the same menu and set of submenus
    • Menus are limited to two levels plus links within page content
    • Consistent headers, menus, color scheme and layout are used throughout
    • Large 900 pixel wide format allows more information on screen without crowding
    • All links within page content are underlined so they can easily be found
  • Accessible:
    • Meets highest accessibility standards of the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C
    • Accessible to those with vision disabilities: blindness, color blindness, reduced vision
    • Large default text sizes, and all text and menus allow size changes via web browser controls
    • All links are underlined as per accessibility guidelines
  • Fast:
    • Use of pure XHTML and CSS for menus and content allows maximum responsiveness
    • Fast loading, with ALT text for all images
  • Compatible:
    • Tested on the latest web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (also tested on IE6), Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, and Apple Safari (both PC & Mac)
    • Meets strict XHTML and CSS coding standards as validated by the W3C